Partner Interview: Taste Labs

Posted by Kombucha Summit Team on October 26, 2020 · 4 mins read

Hello Kombucha Summit community! Soon we will kick off Virtual Kombucha Summit and we would like to introduce another partner of ours to you. We are very excited to have Taste Labs from Belgium joining us next month. We had a chance to ask Wouter a few questions about his business and outlook on the Kombucha market in general.

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What does Taste Labs do and what is your role in the company?

Taste Labs Team

We guide our clients through the private label journey of picking the perfect kombucha and packaging for their brand. We offer a complete service starting with the development to the production and management of the finished product. Our pilot factory offers production runs from 1000 L to 10 000L. We understand the kombucha brand is your reputation and that’s why we uphold the highest levels of quality and never settle for less. My role is assisting flavour development and overseeing production.

Since when have you been following the Kombucha market and why?

I have been following the European market closely since 2015 when there was a rising interest in fermentation, which led to the rise of kombucha in European bars and restaurants. Our backgrounds in food&beverage and high-end soft drink development were the base on which we built our kombucha knowledge.

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What role does your business want to play in the Kombucha market with its products?

Taste Labs wants to offer one-stop-shop kombucha RTD beverages that are tailored to the European markets and infrastructure. As an established producer of brands we offer a custom private label catalogue of fully developed beverages that can be tailored to your brand. Likewise we offer custom development of new recipes. Our on-the-shelf catalogue drinks can be produced in our own production facility starting from 1000 liters on short notice. Thanks to our small volume startup options you are able to launch your new products without excessive production requirements. We also offer third party co-packing options.

What are your expectations in exhibiting at the Kombucha Summit?

Lots of new Kombucha producers are not aware of the road bumps and difficulties ahead. With our experience and specific offer we can let brand owners focus on their business and help them outsource production and development.

What’s the best way for Kombucha brewers to get in touch with you?

Just contact us through the website!

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Thanks a lot to Taste Labs for their support and we're looking forward to welcoming them for the Virtual Kombucha Summit in four weeks! Stay tuned for more interviews in the coming days and weeks!

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