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Posted by Kombucha Summit Team on October 27, 2020 · 7 mins read

Hello Kombucha Summit community! Only a few days until we will kick off Virtual Kombucha Summit and we would like to introduce another partner of ours to you. We are very excited to have Superfoodguru from the Netherlands joining us. We had a chance to ask them a few questions about their business and their outlook on the Kombucha market in general.

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  • Website: Superfoodguru
  • Location: Netherlands 🇳🇱

What does Superfoodguru do and what is your role in the company?

Superfoodguru is a specialist Cold Pressed Juice production company and industry leader in manufacturing 100% certified Organic, Cold Pressed, Non- Pasteurised, Non HPP, Fresh Peruvian Ginger Juice and any other roots, herbs, fruits, vegetable Juices. We are an enthusiastic start-up company of three years and serve markets in Europe, including The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, UK, Spain, Ukrain, Slovenia, Sweden and Finland.

Supefoodguru Products

We set the benchmark in high quality fresh juice in any flavour, sustainable container packaging in your preferred quantities; 5, 10, 15 or more litres and refrigerated transport delivered within 24 hours. Our diverse solutions for delivering juices fast & fresh are designed to grow producers’ business and take away the burden of pressing juice themselves.

Since when have you been following the Kombucha market and why?

We started out (and still do) supplying mixed cold pressed (detox) juices in 325 ml 100% compostable sugarcane bottles to consumers on our webshop And through retail like organic supermarkets, restaurants & yoga schools. From there we were asked if we could make single pressed Ginger Juice for a kombucha producer in The Netherlands. The quality of the juice was so good that we were also asked by other producers to make and supply juice for them.

Kombucha brewers press juices, needed for their Kombucha, themselves by means of a slowjuicer or even a cold press machine. Or they buy juice, mostly not the quality as they would like it to be. The roots and vegetables are tough to press: it’s a slow process and it’s quite a job to clean.

Buying good quality organic Peruvian Ginger (or other seasonals like rhubarb) is not easy as it is not available all year round. Therefore, using our juice delivering service, due to our close connections and buying Ginger directly from Peruvian farmers, we guarantee an all-year supply. Our flexible and service-oriented view of things means that we think along with the brewer in what they need and then we do everything we can to buy that special organic ingredient and press it into juice for them.

Superfoodguru’s quality juice is already valued by kombucha brands around Europe. “Superfoodguru’s wholesale juices are always (or when in season) available, shipped refrigerated in 24 hours throughout Europe and have been very well-received by our awesome customers!”, says Jojanneke Leistra, Founder of Superfoodguru.

Superfoodguru Juice

What role does your business want to play in the Kombucha market with its products?

Juice required for Kombucha is often pasteurized or treated with chemicals for longer shelf life. However, there has been a growing need for fresh non pasteurized juice in the consumer and wholesale market, where as fresh juice has a better taste, fragrance and so a top quality.

We can support Kombucha producers when planning for their brew process by delivering the juice in time (JIT). Superfoodguru’s juices are a 8 days fresh alternative to pasteurized juices. We happily provide juice samples to Kombucha brewers so that they can experiment with flavours. By delivering the juices just before the brewing process starts and by delivering smaller quantities as needed, there is no need to use pasteurized juices and keep them refrigerated in stock. Low minimum order quantities and reasonable prices are helping brands overcome the challenges of long distances as well. Our containers are supplied ready to use in a preferred quantity size. The containers are made of recycled PET which is appealing to the sustainability-conscious consumers.

Our vision is to become the number one Ginger Juice specialist and supplier of fresh organic cold pressed juices for the Kumbucha market.

What are your expectations in exhibiting at the Kombucha Summit?

We are enthusiastic that the fresh quality of our non-pasteurized juices will bring new possibilities for participating Kombucha brewers. We are looking forward to getting to know the European kombucha market, meeting producers and welcome new clients.

What’s the best way for Kombucha brewers to get in touch with you?

Kombucha brewers can visit our website, and if they have any questions regarding our products, send an email to We are also on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin.

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Thanks a lot to Superfoodguru for their support and we're looking forward to welcoming them for the Virtual Kombucha Summit in four weeks! Stay tuned for more interviews in the coming days and weeks!

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