Founder Interview: Sophie & Andreas Reiser, Co-Founders of Kombuco Fizz

Posted by Kombucha Summit Team on July 05, 2019 · 5 mins read

For the second part of our Founder Interview Series we are interviewing Sophie & Andreas Reiser, founders of Kombuco Fizz based in Germany!

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Describe your product in one sentence and tell us about your brand.

Our certified organic, raw Kombucha is refreshingly tart, deliciously sparkling and lovingly handmade in our microbrewery. We want to make the world a better place - sip by sip. Our live cultures support gut health and therefore boost the mood! The organic acids aid detoxification and make the body more alkaline, which increases wellbeing, which in turn lifts the mood! It comes in 5 flavours: pure, mint, lemon-ginger, raspberry and mango. Our ingredients are whenever possible locally sourced and all are certified organic. We produce not just the next lemonade but a s super delicious, healthy non-alcoholic beverage with added health benefits. Our target audience are health conscious young professionals and trendsetters who are into healthy, organic eating, sports, the outdoors, yoga, travel and saving the planet. They have money but lack time.

What‘s your story and how did you get started?

After looking for a business opportunity for quite some time we found out that this fabulous beverage we had been making and drinking for years was now a substantial trend in the US and currently sweeping Europe’s main cities. We had been looking for a product that didn’t just make us some money but for one that was healthy for the people drinking it while not exploiting the planet.

What‘s your current stage?

Andreas Reiser
Co-Founder of Kombuco Fizz

My husband is currently working full time on our Kombucha business. I put in about 15 hours a week as we have two small children who are both still at home full time. We produce our booch at the University Weihenstephan. They have a startup incubator and two students are writing their bachelor thesis about Kombucha with our support. Our customers are organic supermarkets, trendy restaurants and bars as well as yoga and fitness studios in and around Munich. Demand is increasing rapidly and we are currently exploring our options with regards to upscaling, hiring and upgrading to bigger production premises.

What excites you most about Kombucha and its future?

We are VERY excited about Kombucha! Today, people want more than just some sugary lemonade - they want a sophisticated, alcohol-free, delicious beverage with added health benefits! Unpasteurised, low-sugar Kombucha addresses this need, which is why everyone should drink it!

What are your expectations in attending the Kombucha Summit?

Our expectations for the summit are as follows:

  • Connect to other European Kombucha brewers.
  • Exchange knowledge.
  • Learn about latest developments regarding production, laws and regulations, alcohol testing, best practices, health and safety, etc.
  • Start a European Kombucha lobby to regulate this growing industry better.

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Thanks, Sophie & Andreas! We'll keep releasing more founder stories every few days from now on, so stay tuned!

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