Founder Interview: Rachelle Rahn, Founder of Duluth Kombucha

Posted by Kombucha Summit Team on September 30, 2019 · 4 mins read
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Hello Kombucha nation! Kombucha Summit happens already in five days and we still have some founder interviews coming up. Today, we are speaking to Rachelle, fellow Kombucha brewer from the US. She is the founder of Duluth Kombucha. Enjoy the interview!

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Describe your product in one sentence and tell us about your brand.

Freshly brewed kombucha brewed in repurposed whiskey barrels and flavored with natural and local ingredients.

What‘s your story and how did you get started?

Duluth Kombucha
Founder of Duluth Kombucha

I started brewing kombucha for myself at home when I found myself consistently sick. I was working 100-hour weeks and they were taking their toll. I had a friend suggest kombucha. I started buying it from the local co-op. At the time, there was only one option and it was very expensive, but it was making me feel better! I thought "if someone else made this, then I can make it". I started doing my research and began brewing at home. My local community had a very positive response and the company naturally evolved from there.

What‘s your current stage?

Currently I have a shared commercial kitchen that I operate out of. I'm selling locally and have 11 wholesale accounts that offer my product on tap. I'm still growing and expanding. I work in the business full-time and am loving it.

What excites you most about Kombucha and its future?

I believe Kombucha is a great alternative to coffee or sugary sodas. Our gut health is so important and kombucha is a great way to introduce fermented foods/beverages into our diet.

What are your expectations in attending the Kombucha Summit?

I have no expectations, I am just looking forward to whatever this opportunity may bring. I've been following so many fellow brewers on social media and am excited to finally meet them. I believe that we all do better when we all do better and believe this summit will be a great opportunity for all of us to learn from and with each other.

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Thanks, Rachelle for the interview! You keep reading — we keep posting more interviews from the exciting world of Kombucha!

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